Otsukimi (moon viewing) on Sep. 21st

Otsukimi generally refers to the fifteenth night of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar, and the fifteenth night in 2021 is Tuesday, September 21 in the Gregorian calendar. And Otsukimi means viewing the moon. We give thanks for the autumn harvest while watching the beautiful autumn moon, and it is called the “harvest moon of mid-autumn.
In Japan, people decorate with silver grasses and offer rice dumplings to the moon. (In fact, we enjoy eating dumplings. ☺)
It is said that silver grass can house a Shinto God, and acts as a charm against evil.

By the way, Have you ever been to Macdonald’s in Japan?
During Otsukimi season in Japan, McDonald’s sells “Tsukimi burgers” which have sunny-side up eggs in them. The sunny-side up eggs looks full moon.

(Image is for illustration purposes.)

In Japan, it is said that there are rabbits on the moon.
This is because the shape of the lunar crater looks like a rabbit pounding rice cake with a mortar and pestle.

Enjoy Otsukimi on September 21st and don’t forget to buy dumpring!

This is “mitarashi-dango”. (rice dumplings in a sweet soy sauce)

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