Coming of Age Day on January 9th

The second Monday in January is a national holiday known as Coming of Age Day. It calls “成人の日” (せいじんのひ,seijin no hi)

The age of becoming an adult in Japan is 18.
Due to a revision of the Civil Code, the age of majority has been changed from 20 to 18 since April 1, 2022. However, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are still allowed at 20.

In addition, on the second Monday in January, each area in Japan will welcome the new adults with a coming-of-age ceremony.

The girls wear a kimono known as “振袖(ふりそで, furisode)” for their coming-of-age ceremony.

On the day of the coming of age ceremony, you can see many girls wearing gorgeous furisode around the town.

When you meet them, please say “おめでとうございます(omedeto gozaimasu)”. (It means congratulations)
They would say ”ありがとうございます(arigato gozaimasu)” to you. (It means thank you).

Enjoy Japanese culture!!

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